How we help businesses in Nigeria grow through digital marketing and innovation

Caseray Solutions Limited is a Web Information Technology services company. We develop digital technology tools that help persons, businesses and organisations to be more productive.

Our mission is to help businesses grow through digital marketing and innovation.

By digital marketing we promise to give our customers effective presence across the online platforms that matter to them, from their websites to their social media pages. We promise digital campaigns that target the right audience with the appropriate message.

By innovation we mean developing and deploying digital technology tools that leverage the latest cloud technologies (compute, storage, data gathering, analytics, data warehousing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence) to deliver business goals.

Our services include website design, development and maintenance; web marketing; web advertising; design, development and implementation of social media strategies; database design and development for online as well as for offline uses; and mobile apps development.

According to Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, mankind is currently on the brink of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the technologies that underpin it are having major impact on businesses.

Our goal at Caseray Solutions is to understand these technologies enough to bring positive impact to our customers, and of course, to our company.

You can see how our services help businesses in Nigeria grow at our portfolio page at

The software technology solutions we deploy help business owners manage their businesses from their mobile devices like phones, tablets, iPads and laptop computers. Our software solutions enable businessmen and businesswomen manage their business on the go from their offices, bedrooms, hotel rooms or while in transit in vehicles.

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