We provide the digital tools you need to make your dreams come true – The SalayeExpress.com case study

It all began with a paid advert we placed on Vconnect.com for website and blog design services sometime in September, 2018. The advertisement (ad) campaign resulted in several leads – calls, emails and text messages from people across Nigeria who made enquiries about our services and its costs.

Fast-forward to October 1, 2019 and one of those leads sent us a message that he was ready to design his blog and triggered the commencement of the design. We designed the blog and messaged him that he should come around for the next phase of the project which was training on how to update and administer his blog, www.salayeexpress.com.

That was when he told us that he was not based in Lagos State but in Osun State. No problem. We told him to let us know when he would be visiting Lagos and we would schedule the blog administration training.

Mr Ogundare travelled from Oshogbo to Lagos on October 31, 2019 for his training during which I put him through the basics of administering his blog. We concluded the training by evening and he declared that he would like to be on his way to Obudu Mountain Resort, Cross Rivers State that evening. I suggested to him how he would get there and accompanied him to a bus park where he boarded a night bus to Port Harcourt, Rivers State en route to Cross Rivers State, Nigeria.

I told him to keep in touch, share his tour experience with me and be sure that I would be available to support him till he masters how to administer and promote his blog.

During our conversation Mr Ogundare pointed out to me that he had nurtured his desire to own a blog since 2012 (for seven years). He also said he hoped to turn the blog into a business service. I said why not and told him that if he put in the needed work and understudy the likes of lindaikejisblog.com and hotels.ng he could build a blog that caters to a niche audience that love travel and adventure like he does. I told him that as he carefully builds his brand and does the right promotions he would attract the interest of many beautiful places in Nigeria like Obudu Mountain Resort, Cross Rivers State and Olumirin Waterfall, Erin-Ijesa, Oriade Local Government Area, Osun State that are begging to be discovered.

Nigeria is a country with many beautiful places and interesting people who have innovative ideas and are willing to channel their energies into productive activities. People have their dreams; our job at Caseray Solutions Limited is to provide them the digital tools and services they need to make them come true.

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