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Online Registration Portal Design and Development

We develop solutions that allow you to collect data using digital devices like mobile phones and personal computers. The data can be collected over the internet and collated at a server for processing and other uses.

This solution saves paper resources and precious time. The solution is self serving. That is, your users can register by themselves using their own devices.

This solution is ideal for schools, businesses, and organisers of conferences, seminars, events and websites where data of students, participants, attendees, or customers can be collected effeciently, conveniently and stored electronically.


We design and develop databases software applications for:

  1. Businesses - Client records, staff records, marketing records, advertising records, financial records, accounting records, payroll records.

  2. Schools - student records, parent records, staff records, operations records, payroll records

  3. Government Agencies - Staff records, project records, public records, pay roll records.

Caseray Solutions Limited have a competent and committed database applications design and development team based in Lagos, Nigeria

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