Get your Business Noticed with Social Media

Social media networks are important because many people spend time on them daily. Social networks include Facebook, Nairaland, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, OpenTable and Trip Advisor.

It makes sense for a business to be on social media because a good number of its customers and potential customers are there. A business can’t tap the power of social media unless it is there.

However, before a business sets up its presence on social media it is important for the business to understand why to be on social media; identify the right social media networks to join; know how to grow its social media presence; and engage its audience.

Useful points that will help a business in Nigeria make the most of social network are:

  1. A business should be on the social platforms its customers use most;
  2. Social media is a great tool for a business to connect with customers. For example, you can connect your Facebook business page with a Messenger Chatbot and stay in touch with your customers 24/7. With SendPulse you can build your own chatbot with no coding experience.
  3. A business should not always focus on social media platforms with the most users. Sometimes smaller social networks that cater to niche groups might be more suitable for a business;
  4. Social media allow a business reach existing customers to have them buy from it more often;
  5. Social media give a business the opportunity to drive more traffic to its store;
  6. Social media give a business the opportunity to raise its brand awareness;
  7. Because the different social media have their peculiarities a business should not have the same strategy across all social networks.
  8. It is important that a business provides its name, address, phone number and opening hours on its social networks.
  9. Social network pages are eligible to appear in search engine results.

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