We help Businesses Grow through Marketing and Innovation

At Caseray Solutions we use digital technologies to build solutions that solve the basic problems of businesses. Our services connect businesses with their customers. Our services also equip businesses with the digital tools and skills they need to be more productive.



We offer digital marketing solutions using:

  • Fast loading, mobile-friendly websites;
  • Blog design and development
  • Search Engine Optimisation;
  • Email marketing;
  • SMS technologies;
  • Google advertising; and
  • Social media advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Our digital marketing solutions allow businesses to connect with their target audience. We use tools like Google Analytics to measure our marketing efforts and remove the guesswork from our advertising campaigns.

Case Studies

  1. Divine Fish Farm (www.DivineFish.com.ng)

If you Google “how to smoke and dry catfish in Nigeria” it will return a link to www.divinefish.com.ng on the first page of the search results. So does searching “catfish farming in Nigeria”. These are benefits of a search engine optimised (SEO) website.

We also promote Divine Fish Farm using email marketing and social media marketing. The benefit of these campaigns is that the fish farm in Ogun State is able to connect and do business with customers in places like Lagos, Ekiti, Delta, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Kaduna, and Niger States.

Divine Fish Farm has been able to grow its customer base through effective web marketing solutions designed and implemented by Caseray Solutions. The fast loading, mobile-friendly website design also gives users a pleasant experience on the website as they enjoy the easy to use navigation on the site.


  1. Scaffold Equipment Nigeria Limited (www.scaffolding.com)

We designed a search engine optimised (SEO) website for Scaffold Equipment Nigeria Limited. One of the benefits of this is that a Google search of scaffold equipment related term like “scaffold materials supplier in Nigeria” returns a link to www.scaffoldnig.com on the first page of the search results page.

This is a big boost to the marketing efforts of the company and has led to significant sales and business opportunities for Scaffold Equipment Nig. Ltd.

The fast loading, mobile-friendly website design also gives users a pleasant experience on the website as they enjoy the easy to use navigation on the site.



We develop effective web and mobile solutions that allow enterprises to do more business on a relatively low cost base; without huge expenditure on physical assets like bigger offices, bigger warehouses, or hiring more staff.

Case Studies

  1. LagTutor project (www.LagTutor.com)

Our innovative solutions allow LagTutor to use digital technologies to prepare candidates for success in their university entrance exams in Nigeria. Every year the solution connects and shares useful information with tens of thousands of admission seekers in Nigeria. The solution also has an online test platform on which admission seekers can assess their readiness for UTME, post UTME and other university entrance examinations. Access to these solutions is by internet enabled smartphones, computers and tablets.

  1. Bisi-Best Nigeria Limited (www.bisibest.com)

Our innovative solutions allow Bisi-Best Nigeria Limited, a building materials merchant located in Ifesowapo Iron Market, Orile Iganmu, Lagos to connect on one hand with its customers in Nigeria’s construction industry in Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt and Abuja, and on the other hand with its suppliers from China and India. These connections are made possible by an effective web presence coupled with a system that facilitates sharing of information among all parties concerned.


Caseray Solutions Limited is a Lagos-based Web and ICT company committed to providing businesses in Nigeria with the digital tools and services they need to be productive in this age of information. Contact us.

Email: info@caseray.com.ng; Website: www.caseray.com.ng


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